Convent de les Arts – Alcover 2017


Cartografia imaginaria. Plastic paint on canvas, 400 x 1000 cm, 2017

Selected work for the visual arts program cycle Parlem contemporani? of the Convent de les Arts d’ Alcover, Tarragona, Spain.ó-arts-visuals/sessió-02/

Imaginary cartography. Cracks that break glaciers, divide lands, sweep landscapes. Some will walk between asphalt, others in the middle of the mountains, through the valley. We will find ourselves in the middle of a lush forest where a pine tree, struck by a lightning bolt, keeps the energy to continue sprouting. We will stop in front of a wall that as it seems impossible to cross, we begin to demolish. The structures move and shake and alert us. Through the feelings and experiences we can imagine in this work new landscapes and maps that visually want to describe the cracks that are currently living in our relationship with nature and in our society.