Following a personal interpretation of space through the concept of entropy, I abstractly confront geography and geometry. My research is focused on expressing the emotional responses produced on me by those disciplines through the mediums of painting, installation, digital creation and photography.

My interest in complexity, chaos, opposed elements and the primaeval relation between these elements, the individuals and the cosmos subsidise the aesthetic and conceptual making of the artworks. The process is based on tacit and practical knowledge, acquired from direct contact and experience. That is, by physically walking throw the territory and integrating maps, sensations and sound captured in this prospection by a sharpened intuition and imagination.

Built from the analogies established between my perception of site- and time-specific experiences and the form, my constructs aim to create a personal universe (stage, environment) for analysis, reflection and study of these relations. In my work, saturation and superposition of elements in an environment with a constant need for stimuli lead to an accumulation of relations, observations and thoughts that necessarily crack the surface of the medium to show a deep and visceral component of the subject.